Quartz Technology

Quartz Technology

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Basic quartz technology is, believe it or not, an American invention. In the early 1970's, the Hamilton Watch Company in Lancaster, PA developed both LCD and Quartz time keeping technology. Quartz technology is remarkably simple. By passing a constant electric current through a quartz crystal, it vibrates at a constant frequency. The oscillating quartz crystal then drives the step motor to move the watch's hands at a constant rate. The battery, quartz crystal and step motor replaced the mainspring and gears of the venerable mechanical movement. Ironically, Hamilton chose to produce LCD watches and sold basic analog quartz technology to a little company called Seiko in Japan. Ten years later, Seiko was the largest watch company in the world. Today, however, the finest watches, mechanical and quartz, are built back where almost all early watch technology was born perfected...in Switzerland.

Swiss Quartz

We believe the finest quartz movements are produced in Switzerland. By using traditional mechanical based chassis and real jewels, the Swiss Quartz movements are the most rugged, accurate and reliable movements made. Quartz's greatest advantage is cost and most watches under $1000 today use quartz movements. When choosing a watch, Swiss quartz is an excellent choice if you want to set it and forget it.

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