Every Moment is a Memory​

Classic artisanship and timeless elegance are the hallmarks of Babiki Jewelry, where we create unique bridal and engagement rings that signify a couple’s love today, while becoming priceless heirlooms tomorrow.

Babiki Jewelry is the bridal and engagement ring brand of Innovation Jewelry. In business for more than a quarter century, Innovation Jewelry has been providing discerning clients with custom-designed elegance and a level of quality that is second to none. Further, all Babiki Jewelry designs are created by Simon Babiki, whose unmatched design acumen has been delighting brides and grooms for more than 40 years. When you put your very essence into a product, that product reflects your passion and talent.

A unique and treasured collection of custom designed bridal and engagement rings – rings that stand apart from anything else offered on the market today, at any price point. We focus solely on engagement rings, and this focus allows us to offer inspired designs that go far beyond what you would expect from a piece of jewelry. Indeed, just gazing upon the intricate detail and delicate curves that adorn our pieces is captivating, and you can definitely “feel” the everlasting enchantment that is unique to truly beautiful jewelry. In addition, many of our rings have our signature Side Marquee Design, giving them a one-of-a-kind look and elegance that will stand the test of time. If you’re here, it’s a given that you want more than just “any” ring from the local store - you want an engagement ring that perfectly captures your love for each other, and the special bond that you both share. We have that exact engagement ring, for almost any reasonable budget. We invite you to peruse our selection and see for yourself.

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Our team is gathering all of the pieces to make this the best website for our customers.
We will have these pieces available for viewing online as soon as we can. Until then, please visit our store to view the collection!

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