HeartStar Diamonds

HeartStar Diamonds

You see the light

What do you see when you look at a diamond? You see light...reflected and refracted light. The more light you see reflected from a diamond's facets, the more fire or brilliance the diamond displays.

Brilliance is beauty, and no other diamond reflects more light than a HeartStar. The HeartStar diamond is one of the finest cut and proportioned round brilliant diamonds produced in the world today. It reflects up to 93% of incoming light. Average diamonds don't even come close.

Hearts & Stars

The classic Hearts and Stars pattern are clear, reflected proof that every HeartStar has virtually no light leakage resulting in a much brighter, more beautiful diamond. HeartStar diamonds are available from 1/3 of a carat to 5 carats with the best availability and value from 1/2 to 3/4 carat.

The Most Stringent Grading and Certification in the Industry

Every HeartStar diamond is hand selected from the finest production, then regraded and often re-polished. Once our cutters deem it perfect, we send it to the American Gem Society Gem Laboratory for the most stringent grading and certification in the industry.

As for the Price

Not only is a HeartStar diamond amazing so is it's price. At David Fairclough Jewelers our goal is not just to sell you the most beautiful diamond. Our goal is to sell you the most beautiful diamond for the most competitive price. We strive to provide what we call "good value"; which is the highest quality diamond for the best possible price. No matter what your budget, you can afford a HeartStar diamond.

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